Coracle: From project to partnership

Coracle.eu.com provides a service to and on behalf of the creative communities of Wales, Ireland and Sweden albeit the spirit of collaboration in which it exists is pan European. Cultural and creative processes are at the heart of a twenty-first century Europe and are intrinsic to the sustainable development of our economy our society and our environment.

This website was originally developed as an output of a European funded initiative led by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David whose project partners were Carlow Institute of Technology, Wexford Arts Centre and the County councils of Wexford and Carmarthenshire. Among the successes of the Coracle project there exist a number of legacy activities: the consolidation of the coracle.eu.com a social network; the development of a cross-border MBA programme in Professional Arts Management, the establishment of the Coracle Theatre Project (a young people’s physical theatre company), the constitution of a community interest company (write4word) and the creation of the Wales Ireland spoken-word and poetry alliance (WISPA).

Another of the many significant achievements of the Coracle project was the facilitation of new wider-reaching international cultural collaborations and the future of the coracle identity has been enhanced by a new partnership between Sweden, Ireland and Wales. Coracle Europe is a partnership between Kultivera, write4word, Wexford Arts Centre and Studiefrämjandet. They are organisations of varying structures working to their individual strengths in different cultural fields, visual arts, literature, education, music and cross-genre performance. They already cooperated in the facilitation of international arts residencies and a European forum on Disability Art.

Coracle Europe is currently developing a bid to the Creative Europe Fund to work together on the "From Nowhere to Somewhere" project. The project delivered in association with partner Fundacion Mainel, Spain and Write4Word, Wales, UK, will aim to connect creativity, time, place and people between regional communities and international contemporary artists through research and interpretation of local heritage in varied art mediums. 

The ‘Between Nowhere and Somewhere’ theme is reflected in the unknown muliti disiciplinary developments that will result from artist residencies, the exploration of our current heritage in the here and now within communities situated outside European cosmopolitan regions and support the transition to somewhere for the artists, cultural operators and the communities engaged with the intercultural connections facilitated through the project’s participatory residency programme.


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Who we are

  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David

    A new university created through the merger of the two oldest higher education institutions in Wales - the University of Wales Lampeter and Trinity University College Carmarthen.

  • Institute of Technology Carlow, Wexford Campus

    IT Carlow Wexford Campus is the county’s Third Level College located overlooking the town and the sea. The campus offers full time courses in Business, Art, Design and Visual Communications.

  • Wexford County Council

    The role of the Arts Department in Wexford County Council is to support the future development of the Arts in the county.

  • Wexford Arts Centre

    Wexford Arts Centre is Ireland's oldest regional Arts Centre it has been delivering a vibrant arts programme for the community and visitor alike since 1974.

  • Carmarthenshire County Council

    Carmarthenshire County Council Leisure Services includes the Arts Development Service that manages the County’s Arts and Theatres direct provisions of theatres, galleries, and general arts development.