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The official, formal, posh, down in the town launch

A wet dark cold Thursday night, and that’s just inside the office. Working on for a few hours I decided to slip out for a late, late lunch break. What warmth was waiting at Creative Bubble on Craddock Street. The Poets on the Hill were gathered.

P&P@theQ with Rhys Milsom

So after the usual summer break in August and then my time spent at a literary residency in Sweden for three weeks through September into October it felt like an awfully long time since I’d been to Poems and Pints at the Queens. What a wonderful night for a return!

Ambivalence and Thomas

There is a great deal of ambivalence towards the Dylan Thomas Centenary celebrations, even now I find it difficult to refer to DT00, it sounds like a code-name for some sort of campaign and dismissive of such a momentous occasion as a year long international cultural festival.