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The official, formal, posh, down in the town launch

Thursday 12th November

A wet dark cold Thursday night, and that’s just inside the office. Working on for a few hours I decided to slip out for a late, late lunch break. What warmth was waiting at Creative Bubble on Craddock Street. The Poets on the Hill were gathered. They’d taken a swift descent, tarmac, cement, circumvented claustrophobic alleyways, but there was no snapping or snarling in the city tonight. The excitement was building as last minute lippy was splashed, mulled wine steaming and impatient.

P&P@theQ with Rhys Milsom

Sunday 1st November

So after the usual summer break in August and then my time spent at a literary residency in Sweden for three weeks through September into October it felt like an awfully long time since I’d been to Poems and Pints at the Queens. What a wonderful night for a return! We were a small gathering only 22 of us including 12 readers but such awesome quality of performance and content. Exciting new voices and energies from the P&P virgins Colin Hill and Massachusetts’ poet Julia Lewis and none more so than our excellent special guest reader Rhys Milsom from the Rhondda.

Dinefwr Literature Festival Documentary

A short documentary looking back at the Dinefwr Literature Festival from the perspectives of a festival organiser and a festival goer.

Filmed & Editing By Steven Clarey


Ambivalence and Thomas

Wednesday 2nd April

There is a great deal of ambivalence towards the Dylan Thomas Centenary celebrations, even now I find it difficult to refer to DT00, it sounds like a code-name for some sort of campaign and dismissive of such a momentous occasion as a year long international cultural festival. The term DT100 is not a brand, certainly not one that had any sort of investment in establishing as such and is a term that should never be used outside the offices of the Wales Tourist board where it could be used as a shorthand phrase for planners and administrators.


A poem written for my wife on the occasion of our eleventh wedding anniversary.